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All Heavy Duty Trucks & Trailers Products
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All Heavy Duty Trucks & Trailers Products

2010 Brushable Repair Coating

Brushable version of 2000 Sealant is a semi-self-leveling coating that remains flexible. Forms a tough, flexible film with excellent adhesion.

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2300 MHRV Sealant

A Transportation market staple, this sealant is easy to use and will seal in most any weather. Fast drying and resistant to dirt pick-up.

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8125® 100% Silicone High Performance Silicone Acetoxy Cure Sealant

100% silicone high modulus sealant has good flexibility. Meets ASTM C 920, TT-S-00230-C. FDA/USDA and NSF approved.

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Expanding Foam Sealant

This polyurethane foam expands up to 3 times to fill large voids and holes. Features an R-value of 4 to 5.

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GeoBond® PUR 50 Polyurethane Sealant/Adhesive

Fast curing sealant/adhesive remains flexible, is paintable, and exhibits excellent adhesion to many substrates.

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GeoBond® Double Bonding Tape

Adheres similar or dissimilar substrates together to form a water tight seal. Will not crack, harden, or oxidize over time. Remains flexible, prevents plasticizer migration. Adheres to TPO, PVC, EPDM, metal, asphalt, vinyl, and other materials.

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GeoBond® Roof Bonding Tape

Seal holes, tears, and seams in gutters, flashings, skylights, roofing membranes, and more. Will not crack, harden, or oxidize over time, and remains flexible to accommodate the natural movements of the roof. Adheres to TPO, PVC, EPDM, metal, asphalt, & more.

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GeoBond® Roof Repair Fibered Brushable Coating

Fiber reinforced roof coating can be used as a small-area leak repair solution or as a leak preventative. It remains elastic with a rubber-like flexibility and can seal in most weather conditions.

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RP-400 Construction Plastic Wet-Dry Surface Roof Cement

Asphalt-based, asbestos-free roof cement resists water quickly. Works on wet/dry surfaces.

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