GeoBond® Roof Repair Fibered Brushable Coating is a single-component, brushable elastic sealant with rubber-like flexibility for small area use. It is an ideal solution to stop roof leaks fast, even in damp conditions.


  • Stops leaks fast
  • Fibered for strength
  • Will function in UV, heat, and intermittent foot traffic
  • Exhibits adhesion to many roofing materials, including damp, oily, or slightly dirty surfaces
  • Withstands water contact quickly after application to stop leaks
  • Cured sealant is mildew resistant
  • Paintable
  • Applies in most temperature ranges, including damp and icy conditions

For Use On

Metal, fiberglass surfaces, Kemlite, and other prefabricated or composite sheets

Product # ColorSizePDSSDSUPC
GC70100 Clear1 quart can079239701002
GC70101 Bright White1 quart can079239701019
GC70102 Aluminum Gray1 quart can079239701026
GC70200 Clear1 gallon can079239702009
GC70201 Bright White1 gallon can079239702016
GC70202 Aluminum Gray1 gallon can079239702023
GC70400 Clear5 gallon pail079239704003
GC70402 Aluminum Gray5 gallon pail079239704027
GC70800 ClearKit079239708001
GC70801 Bright WhiteKit079239708018
GC70802 Aluminum GrayKit079239708025
Do not use on polystyrene insulation sheathing or EPDM.  Do not use in areas where food is processed or stored.  Contains solvents which may craze some plastic materials. For exterior use only due to odor emitted during cure. Do not use for potable water applications. This product may not be sold in the state of California.

Additional information


Heavy Duty Trucks/Trailers, OEM – MH/RV

Sold Through

Fleet Supplier, Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Dealer or Repair Center


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