Pro Flex® Tripolymer Sealant is a single-component, high performance elastomeric sealant for use in a wide variety of roofing, trim, architectural metal, underdeck systems, solar roof systems, manufacturing, and general construction applications.


  • Exceptional elongation, flexibility and UV resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to many  building surfaces, even when damp
  • Resealable, may be applied over itself
  • Asphalt shingle compatible
  • Paintable
  • Resists dirt pick-up
  • Easily applied, non-stringing formulation
  • Available in crystal clear and standard colors
  • Will not crack
  • Tools and cleans up easily
  • Cured sealant is mildew resistant

For Use On

Asphalt shingles, coated steel (Kynar 500® based finishes), concrete, vinyl, steel,  and other common building substrates

Product # ColorCanadaPDSSDSUPC
GC26100 Clear079239261001
GC26101 White079239261018
GC26117 Terra079239261179
GC26102 Gray079239261025
GC26130 Hunter Green079239261308
GC26103 Black079239261032
GC26800 ClearCanada079239268000
GC26104 Brown079239261049
GC26801 WhiteCanada079239268017
GC26105 Bronze079239261056
GC26802 GrayCanada079239268024
GC26107 Tan079239261070
GC26803 BlackCanada079239268031
GC26108 Cedar079239261087
GC26804 BrownCanada079239268048
GC26109 Almond079239261094
GC26805 BronzeCanada079239268055
GC26115 Driftwood079239261155
GC26807 TanCanada079239268079
GC26808 CedarCanada079239268086
GC26809 AlmondCanada079239268093
GC26815 DriftwoodCanada079239268154
GC26817 TerraCanada079239268178
Do not use on traffic-bearing surfaces.  Do not use on extruded polystyrene insulating sheathing (Styrofoam, etc.).  Do not use on acrylic skylight glazing surfaces.  Do not use in areas where food is processed or stored.  Do not use for interior applications. Do not use for potable water applications. This product in colors may not be sold in the state of California. The clear product is exempt from this rule, except in SCAQMD counties.


Kynar 500® is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc. and is used under license.

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General Construction, Roofing, Siding, Windows & Doors

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Home Center, Hardware Store, Lumberyard


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