Geocel® Shingle & Flashing Roof Accessory Paint is a fast drying aerosol enamel with built-in corrosion protector used to hide flaws, blemishes, and unsightly roof protrusions. It provides superior protection, durability, and adhesion.


  • Adds the final touch with a professional finish
  • Hides flaws, blemishes, and unsightly roof protrusions
  • Provides a smooth, durable, rust fighting finish that prevents stains
  • Dries in 8 minutes or less
  • Available in 13 colors

For Use On

Asphalt shingles, aluminum, metal, PVC, other plastics, and more

Product # ColorPDSSDSSizeType of ContainerCanadaUPC
GC91101-6X White12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911012
GC91136-6X Birchwood12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911364
GC91102-6X Weathered Wood12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911029
GC91104-6X Brown12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911043
GC91108-6X Cedar12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911081
GC91110-6X Forest Green12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911104
GC91124-6X Gray12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911241
GC91127-6X Medium Red12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911272
GC91131-6X Slate12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911319
GC91132-6X Charcoal12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911326
GC91133-6X Dark Gray12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911333
GC91134-6X Deep Brown12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911340
GC91135-6X Terra Cotta12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911357
GC91151-6X Hickory12 Fl. Oz.Metal Aerosol Can079239911517

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