4525™ Semi-self-leveling Sealant is a hybrid sealant that requires no mixing and can be used in damp or dry conditions. Simply pour it in place and it cures to form a weather resistant, durable seal for pitch pans and roof repair applications.


  • Use in pitch pan or pocket applications or roof repair
  • Can be applied in damp or dry conditions
  • No priming required on most substrates
  • Semi-self-leveling
  • One-part, no mixing
  • Compatible with Geocel 4500® Roof Bonding Sealant and Geocel Pro Fit® Pocket
  • Stays flexible
  • Will not distort due to weather, stress, water, movement, or aging
  • Adheres to many common building substrates including EPDM, primed TPO, primed PVC, metal, asphalt shingles, and concrete

For Use On

Black EPDM, primed TPO, primed PVC, many metals, asphalt  shingles, concrete, and many other common building substrates

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Product # ColorType of CartridgeCanadaPDSSDSUPC
GC55323 Black079239553236
GC55333 BlackCanada079239553335
GC55423 Black079239554233
GC55433 BlackCanada079239554332
*Do not use on unprimed TPO or PVC.  Do not use for broad applications on PVC. Do not use in areas where food is processed or stored. Not suitable for potable water applications.


A primer such as 45P® TPO & PVC Primer must be used in applications involving TPO and PVC.

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Sold Through

Home Center, Building Supply Center, Hardware Store, Industrial Distributor, Lumberyard, Roofing Wholesaler, Specialty Supply Center (i.e., Windows, Masonry, HVAC, etc.)



Type of Cartridge

67 fl. oz. pouch


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