2310® Tripolymer Brushable Repair Coating is a single-component, brushable elastic coating with rubber-like flexibility for small area use in many construction, roofing, manufacturing, and industrial applications.


  • Exhibits adhesion to many common construction materials including damp, oily, or dirty surfaces
  • Withstands water contact quickly after application to stop leaks
  • Prevents rust on metal surfaces
  • Cured coating is mildew resistant
  • Paintable
  • Crystal clear
  • Resealable
  • Applies in adverse weather
  • Stays flexible
  • Lever-lock lids on 3-gallon pails

For Use On

Ashphalt shingles, coated steel (Kynar 500® based finishes), concrete, steel, vinyl, and other common building substrates

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Product # SizePDSSDSUPC
GC65100 3 gallon pail079239651000
GC65110 3 gallon pail079239651109
GC65200 1 quart can079239652007
GC65210 1 quart can079239652106
GC65300 1 gallon can079239653004
GC65310 1 gallon can079239653103
GC65400 5 gallon pail079239654001
Do not use on traffic-bearing surfaces.  Do not use on polystyrene insulation sheathing or EPDM.  Do not use in areas where food is processed or stored.  Product contains solvents that may craze some plastic materials.  Do not use as a complete surface coating or in continuous underwater applications.  For exterior use only due to odor emitted during cure. Do not use for potable water applications.


Kynar 500® is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc. and is used under license.

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General Construction, Roofing

Sold Through

Building Supply Center, Industrial Distributor, Roofing Wholesaler, Specialty Supply Center (i.e., Windows, Masonry, HVAC, etc.)


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