3500™ Polyurethane Bonding Sealant is a urethane sealant that cures to a tough, flexible seal. Manufactured for clay, slate, concrete, and composite roof tiles, it can be used in bonding, beading, and sealing applications. It contains no TDI (toluene diisocyanate).


  • One-part urethane moisture cure sealant
  • Contains no TDI (Toulene Diisocyanate)
  • Adheres to clay, slate, concrete, and composite roof tiles
  • Paintable
  • Both bonding and sealing applications
  • Variety of colors available
  • Fast set-up
  • Minimal shrinkage

For Use On

Concrete, brick, wood, tile, steel, asphalt shingles, and other common building substrates.

Product # ColorSizePDSSDSUPC
GC35101 White10.1 fl. oz. cartridge079239351016
GC35102 Gray10.1 fl. oz. cartridge079239351023
GC35103 Black10.1 fl. oz. cartridge079239351030
GC35104 Brown10.1 fl. oz. cartridge079239351047
GC35117 Terra Cotta10.1 fl. oz. cartridge079239351177
Do not use for glazing.  Do not use on plastic materials with high plasticizer content.  Do not use on corrosive/crack sensitive plastics. Do not use in areas where food is processed or stored. Do not use for potable water applications.

Additional information


Heavy Duty Trucks/Trailers, OEM – MH/RV, Roofing

Sold Through

Building Supply Center, Hardware Store, Home Center, Industrial Distributor, Lumberyard, OEM Distributor for Manufactured Housing and RV’s, Roofing Wholesaler, Specialty Supply Center (i.e., Windows, Masonry, HVAC, etc.)


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